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Wealth Prosperity Abacus

Wealth Prosperity Abacus


Wealth Prosperity Abacus Feng Shui item is closely associated with wealth and is being used by many professional businessmen to bring more sales. Wearing a small abacus with you or to have one displayed in your business is thought to attract more sales, thus more money.

Display it in the Northwest direction, the area related to benefactors, mentors to receive heavenly help and blessings. You can also display it in your lucky area in your living room or office, for generation of wealth.

However, do take note to never display the abacus in the bathroom. If you work in accounting or engineering industries (which require heavy counting of numbers), display the Chinese abacus in the Northeast direction in order to bring personal growth and self-cultivation.

The Wealth Prosperity Abacus Feng Shui item is available for purchase online now.

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