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About Fortune Resource Centre

Fortune Resource Centre is a Chinese Astrology Consulting Entity as well as an Online Feng Shui Mall that provides useful Feng Shui items to internet users in search for the relevant Feng Shui items in need.

The Feng Shui items on sale in our store are carefully picked and it is our top priority to ensure they are manufactured from the finest material. Most importantly, these authentic Feng Shui items are cleansed and blessed personally with abundant of positive Energy by our Feng Shui Master, Richard Tay.

Apart from selling Feng Shui items, Fortune Resource Centre also provides 1-to-1 fengshui consultation services such as, residential fengshui, commercial fengshui and personal life analysis. Occasionally,  Fortune Resource Centre also organise events conducted by Master Richard Tay for his loyal clients and interested parties.

Master Richard Tay

Master Richard Tay is the founder of Fortune Resource Centre based in Singapore. His practice of Geomancy in Singapore started all the way back in the year 1989. Since his operations begin a few decades ago, it has been growing due to excellent relationships with his clients.

Experienced in effective Fengshui, Master Tay has helped many in finding cures & remedies to solve difficult and drastic situations. Through his one to one consultations, he take time to understand his clients and their changing needs, goals and provide wise advises and guidance to provide them a peace of mind.

Feel free to visit his consultation site at to understand more about his fengshui services.