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Rose Quartz Fox

Rose Quartz Fox


According to ancient Chinese mythology, Fox Spirit or "Huli Jing" often take the form of beautiful young women who attempt to seduce men, whether for mere fun or to possess their bodies or spirits. These Fox Spirits possesses "Yin" Energy and therefore, require the "Yang" Energy from humans to revitalize their power. The prey gradually weakens physically and dies after being possessed spiritually and having sex with the Fox Spirit.

This Rose Quartz Fox Protection amulet works by deterring third party from seducing your partner or spouse and breaking up the family. Hence, always keep this protection amulet with you in the bag. 

The Rose Quartz is reputed to be capable in enhancing romance luck and relationship in your life. This love protection amulet serves as a magnet of charm, bringing out your attractiveness and charisma, and hence, making you popular among the crowd. It will harness your positive energy to attain self confidence, self esteem, great personality and inner peace.

If you are in a relationship, this Rose Quartz Fox will speed up the time towards marriage. If you are married, the rekindles the fire in the marriage, and rejuvenate both feelings and sexual desire.

The Rose Quartz Fox, not only brings out the charm and making you charismatic, it also improves you bio-system functions in relation to reproductive system and sexual feelings.

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