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Sacred Glazed Elephant

Sacred Glazed Elephant


This Mixed Colored Elephant Feng Shui item is regarded as a sacred symbol in the Asian cultures. The main objective is to energize oneself with positive charges. Not only does it symbolizes the Ganesh God, breaking of all obstacles via OM, these auspicious animals represent a list of positive omen such as Prosperity, Wholesome Good Luck, Abundance Fortune, Success, Strength, Procreation & Longevity.

According to most historians, Buddha was conceived on the full moon night in the month of July. It was that night that his mother, Maya, dreamed of a white Elephant holding a white lotus with its trunk came. Through her right flank, the white Elephant entered her womb. Hence, Elephants have always symbolizes fertility & conception. It has always been regarded as auspicious when we spot White Elephant.

The Elephant Trunk facing upward in salutation represents prosperity, good luck, and success.  The Elephant trunk facing downward represents longevity and fertility.


Display the Elephant or a pair of Elephants at the front door to attract abundance fortune, prosperity & wholesome good luck. They even represent as guardians or protectors of the dwellings, keeping the Chi Energy from escaping.

The Elephant is also a symbol of successful conceiving of male infants. Feng Shui for Fertility concentrates on activating certain energies connecting to birth and abundance. Display a pair of Elephants on either side of the bedroom door. These placements are said to facilitate the conception of male offspring.

Display the Sacred Glazed Elephant on the work desks in Children’s bedrooms to attract academic & knowledge Energy. This will help the children to attain success in tests & exams.

To improve family harmony & attaining strong bonding of family, you may display a mother Elephant & a baby Elephant.

The Sacred Glazed Elephant is available for purchase online now.

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